Centre Statistics 2009

Number of people who benefit: Over 600 people a week use the centre.

Number of recorded visits by users/members of the public 2009: 31,375

Total number of volunteers: 181

User Group Satisfaction Survey 2009 Y N 1 2 3 4 5 Satisfaction %
Are you completing this on behalf of a user group? 12 1 - - - - - 13 replies received
Are you a regular user of the Centre? 13 - - - - - - 100%
Are you happy with the provision? - - - - - 2 11 97%
Are you happy with your groups contact with staff? - - - - - 1 12 98%
Happy with individual contact with GF staff? - - - - - 1 12 98%

Some Additional Statistics 2009

53 Groups met at Salem Community Resource Centre.

72 local organisations received intensive developmental support and assistance

77 organisations were recieving continuing long term support which was ongoing

All of these organisations we supported or assisted are still running a year later


A total of  51 staff were employed by the organisations

Ground floor had a total of 19 in-house volunteers and 40 trainees who have provided 11,175 hours of volunteer work throughout the year.

If we assume that the work of unskilled trainees was valued at minimum wage(£5.80 per hour) and the volunteers at Volunteering England's recommended rates(minus travel expenses) then they would have provided over £137,000 in added value.

The user groups reported 121 volunteers working with them.

Using the same calculation used above, together they added a further £115,000 in value.

That's over £250,000 of added value to the community thanks to the volunteers and trainees of Ground Floors work experience schemes.

Trainees are called as local people who are long-term unemployed or had previously suffered from mental health problems who were referred to Ground Floor or DOT-COMmunications for a placement to receive work experience in a supportive environment.



The independent communications website, Calderdale-Online (which is managed by DOT-COMmunications) achieved over 1.1 million hits in 2009.

In addition 28 organisations used our equipment from our library of fundraising equipment, 67 third sector organisations recieved IT support from DOT-COMmunications, saving around £28,000 between them in comparison with the cost of alternative services, with each of their clients saving around  £250 every time they used DOT-COMmunications' services.

3R-iT continued to provide free recycling and disposal of IT equipment to ratepayers in Hebden Royd as well as to commercial businesses at reduced cost, handling over 24 tonnes of unwanted IT equipment.


Our favourite websites include:


Compact Compliant

Ground Floor is a signatory of the Calderdale Compact

and is fully Compact-Compliant.

Calderdale Compact