Organisational Structure

The Ground Floor Project is a registered charity (Charity Registration No. 515918) and a company limited by guarantee (Company Registration No. 1867571). The Project was set up in 1981 to provide community facilities for disadvantaged groups living in the Calder Valley, Luddendenfoot and Todmorden areas of Calderdale.

Based in the centralised town of Hebden Bridge, the Project has developed a special and enduring relationship with the town. As well as being a prime site for developing centralised resources for the region, the town was severely under-resourced in community amenities, something the Project has managed to help remedy over the years.

The Ground Floor Project is run by a voluntary Council of Management, which consists of:


Chair - Les Siddall (Elected Trustee)

Treasurer - Michael Goode (Elected Trustee)

Company Secretary - Jae Campbell (Advisor)

Board of Elected Trustees

Margaret Butler (retired due to ill health July 2010)

Paul Dear

Wilma Downs

Michael Goode

Peter Manning

Sarah Rae

Les Siddall

Alan Sladic

Council of Management Members

Keith Lomax (Woodcraft Folk)

Chris Lund (DOT-COMmunications)

Kiran Narang (Project X)

Malcon Tattersall (Tae Kwon Do)

Polly Webber (Hebden Bridge Alternative Technology Centre)

Youth Club Representative(s)

Official Representatives

Cllr. Janet Battye - Calderdale MBC

Cllr. Karl Boggis - Hebden Royd Town Council

Andrew Pitts/Sarah Manfredi - Calderdale MBC (Housing & Community Partnerships)