Charitable Aims & Objectives

The primary objectives of the Ground Floor Project are:

  • To promote the advancement of education, the relief of need and the provision of facilities for recreational and other leisure-time occupations in the interests of social welfare among young and other unemployed people residing within Upper Calderdale (comprising Calder Valley, Luddendenfoot and Todmorden).
  • To promote the protection and preservation of the environment for the public benefit by:
  1. educating the public in the benefits to the environment of sustainable waste management and energy practices
  2. conducting research into sustainable waste management and sustainable energy and disseminating the useful results of that research and
  3. developing and encouraging sustainable waste management and sustainable energy practices.

a) In this clause 'sustainable waste management and energy practices' shall mean waste minimalisation, minimalisation of pollution and harmful waste, reuse of waste, waste recovery activities and clearance of pollutants from contaminated land.

b) In this clause 'sustainable energy practices' shall mean the practical creation of energy from waste and renewable sources in such a way as to minimalise pollution from the same.

  • To promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of the aforesaid community and in particular the advancement of education, the protection of health and the relief of poverty, distress and sickness, to promote and organise co-operation in the achievement of the same and to that end to bring together in council representatives of the voluntary organisations and statutory authorities within the area of benefit.
  • To promote the integration of disadvantaged groups within the general community and to stress the importance of self-help amongst such disadvantaged groups.

In order to achieve these aims the Council of Management is empowered to do the following:

  • To create links and contacts both inside and outside the area of benefit.
  • To establish, maintain and manage any work centres, projects or activities in furtherance of the objectives. 
  • To arrange and provide exhibitions, meetings, lectures and classes concerned with the education of the public.
  • To enter into partnership or into an arrangement for shared or mutual promotion of any of the primary objectives.
  • To purchase or take on lease any property deemed necessary or convenient for the purposes of the association.
  • To print or publish any newspapers, periodicals, books or leaflets (including in electronic format) thought desirable for the promotions of the objectives.