• 3R-iT
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (3 groups)
  • Alexander Technique Class
  • Alternative Technology Centre
  • Basement Recovery Project
  • Best Training
  • Calderdale Adopters Support Group
  • Calderdale Circuit Riders Steering Group
  • Calderdale Theatre School
  • Calder Valley Beavers
  • Calder Valley Cubs
  • Calder Valley Quakers
  • Circus Skills
  • Community Printshop
  • DOT-COMmunICaTions
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Gifts-in-Kind Calderdale
  • Halifax Cyclists Touring Club
  • Hebden Bridge Co-op Members Group
  • Hebden Bridge Light Opera Society
  • Hebden Bridge Toy Appeal
  • Hebden Bridge Woodcraft Folk
  • Hour Car (Carshare) Scheme
  • Lifeline Calderdale
  • M.a.D. (Movement against Depression)
  • MathsPlay
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Northern Basenji Society
  • Pennine Play & Resources Library
  • Pre-Natal Group
  • Probation Service
  • Reach Out Resource Library
  • RhythmBridge
  • Rock School
  • Saturday Skaters
  • Slimmers World
  • SuSchool
  • TAG Tae Kwon Do
  • Yoga
  • Youth Club
  • Zion Housing Co-operative

What does the Ground Floor Project do?

We are many things to many, many people

We are a direct provider of services:

maintaining a play and leisure library for use by people with special educational needs – aged from 5 years to adult,

providing first stop advice, support and assistance to anyone re appropriate agency referral,

providing employment training and work provision for young people through the New Deal volunteer option,

providing a service to distribute unwanted equipment to voluntary groups throughout the borough,

organising and running the local Toy Appeal every year.

We are a resource provider:

providing local community groups with access to office equipment for local community groups at cost – photocopying, computers etc,

maintaining a Community and Career Information Library.

providing office and meeting space on a day-by-day basis including counselling and training facilities (primarily for young people – ie social services, behavioural support etc.)

Provide access to charitable status:

supporting funding applications, overseeing grants and grant-giving for non-charity community groups in the Upper Calder Valley. Over the last few years we have helped bring over four million pounds of grant-aid to Calderdale.

Run a Community Centre and venue

In addition to bringing a derelict building back into use for the whole community, we provide accommodation and resources to:

self-help groups including mental health (depression, abuse survivors, people with schizophrenia - 16 years and older), home educators, health support groups (parents of drug users, alcoholics anonymous, pre-natal support and advice, racism and diversity, parent and toddlers etc),

community regeneration and environmental groups (3R-iT, Zion Housing Co-op, Fair trade, ATC, the Co-op),

young people's groups such as Beavers & Cubs, the Wodcraft Folk and a Youth Group and Rock School.

leisure groups, many of whom provide for young people (circus skills, drumming groups, dance groups, theatrical groups, health groups (yoga for the elderly etc.), martial arts (t'ai chi, tae kwon do etc),

community support organisations such the volunteer bureau, and advice agencies.

Act as a community and local regeneration development agency:

providing funding advice and support for local community groups,

helping to set-up and support local community initiatives, including help with constitutions, structure, good practice, finding volunteers, premises etc,

providing a not-for-profit payroll service and accounting advice for local community groups.

developing and helping to support local not-for-profit co-operatives such as the Community Printshop (providing low-cost printing facilities to community groups), DOT-COMmunications (website designers, information providers) and low-cost IT-support contracts), HourCar (environmentally friendly carshare and rideshare scheme), 3R-iT (refurbishing, recycling and trraining through IT recovery),

providing an equipment loan scheme,

starting up new community initiatives and helping to support them after independence (Alternative Technology Centre, Peninne Magpie, Zion Housing Co-operative etc.)

Additional Resources

  • Children's Play Facilities
  • Community Arts
  • Display & Exhibition Space
  • Initial Counselling Facility
  • Meeting Space
  • Photocopying
  • Referral Agency
  • Training Facilities
  • Venue for Group & Events