Mission Statement

Ground Floor Project aims to promote positive community action that increases opportunities and benefits for all disadvantaged people living in the Upper Calder Valley (West Yorkshire, UK).

To this end, the Ground Floor Project is actively involved in providing, developing, supporting and sustaining a wide range of community led and self-help initiatives within the region.

What is the Ground Floor Project?

The Ground Floor Project is a registered charity (Charity No. 515918) and a company limited by guarantee (Company No. 1867571). The Project was set up in 1981 by local people for local people to provide community facilities for disadvantaged groups living in the Calder Valley, Luddendenfoot and Todmorden Wards of Calderdale.

Based in Hebden Bridge, the Project has developed a special and enduring relationship with the town. As well as being a prime site for developing centralised resources for the region, the town was severely under-resourced in community amenities, something the Project has managed to help remedy over the years.

In addition to developing a number of local community initiatives and not-for-profit social enterprises, The Ground Floor project runs the Salem Community Resource Centre.

Throughout 2009, the Centre was open at least six days a week for 50 weeks, most days from 7:30am to 10pm. The Centre hosted over 50 local community groups in its three halls, meeting rooms and offices and was visited in excess of 31,375 times throughout that period. Over 181 volunteers were involved in supporting the Project, its community initiatives or user groups on a regular basis. When asked, user groups and users reported a 98% customer satisfaction with staff and facilities. In addition to supporting its own groups and users, an additional 72 community groups recieved support and assistance throughout the year and over £250,000 in additional funding was secured by groups recieving intensive support from the Project.

Where are we?


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Throughout its long history, the Ground Floor Project and its many community initiatives have recieved recognition and awards for its work both on a local, regional and national level. In recent years  Ground Floor was awarded the Community Legal Service Quality Mark as an information provider, was runner-up in the West Yorkshire Social Enterprise Awards for both 'Innovation in Enterprise' and ' Entrepreneur of the Year' categories (2005). In 2007 we were awarded both The HRH Duke of York's Community Initiative Award and Special Leadership Award for exceptional achievement. In 2007 we were recipient of the Best New Deal "Placement Provider" Award 2007, and "Employer of the Year" 2008.

We were awarded the HRH Duke of York's Community Initiative Award again in 2010 (it can only be awarded every three years) making Ground Floor the first community organisation in Calderdale ever to receive this award consecutively. We were also named winner of The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service - the MBE for voluntary groups, in June 2010.